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Home Insurance In SC

If you have recently bought a home within South Carolina or need to update your policy, you will likely come across terms that may prove challenging to comprehend. This means understanding the various coverage features offered to get acquainted with the exemptions that come with your home policy. Integrated Insurance Advisors LLC in Boiling Springs, Chesnee, Inman and surrounding Spartanburg, SC areas can help with this, with the following guide explaining the types of home insurance South Carolina residents can benefit from.

Home Insurance Review

Types of Coverage

Content coverage ensures that your furniture, clothing, and electronics are protected. If either of these items gets destroyed by fire, theft, or vandalism, this policy provides you with compensation to pay for the repairs and replacement of your belongings. However, possession such as jewelry may not be included in this insurance, resulting in the need of extra coverage.

Dwelling coverage keeps the structure of your home safe from damage arising from various perils. These include disasters such as fire, hail, vandalism, and theft. If your walls, ceilings, floors, and built-in appliances are destroyed during any of the above emergencies, dwelling coverage will help you fix your property. Structures such as your garage will also be covered, helping you pay for any damage expenses.

Liability coverage will come in handy when your guests get bodily harm, or their property is damaged while visiting your home. It will help you pay for 3rd party medical costs and the costs for fixing your guest’s property. In addition to this, your legal fees will also be covered when you are sued for the harm caused.

Damages arising from disasters such as fire or hail could render your home uninhabitable, requiring you to seek accommodation elsewhere. When this happens, additional living expense coverage kicks in to pay for your hotel bills, restaurant meals, and transport expenses until your home is repaired.

To get any of the above home policies, consider reaching out to Integrated Insurance Advisors LLC today. Our agents will help you get customized coverage to keep your South Carolina home safe from unforeseen emergencies.

In order to find the most competitive (and correct) coverage for you, we need your current policy information. You can either email this information (your declaration pages) or use our secure portal to easily share the information.

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