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Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance In SC

As a business owner in South Carolina, there is no doubt that you have invested a lot of resources in starting and building your business. And as much of your time and energy is spent trying to meet the needs of a customer, you want to consider meeting the needs of your company. One way is by insuring your business. At Integrated Insurance Advisors LLC here in Boiling Springs, Chesnee, Inman and surrounding Spartanburg, SC areas, we want to ensure you can explore your options when it comes to commercial insurance. Here is a quick look at the types of commercial insurance coverage you can get.

Types of Coverage

Commercial general liability insurance helps protect a business from claims of property damage and bodily injury. Such claims can arise during ordinary business operations. For instance, a client may slip and end up with a sprain while on your premises, or one of your employees may damage a client’s wall while repairing their plumbing system. This type of insurance helps pay for the medical expenses and the cost of repairing damages.

A business owner insurance policy, also known as a Business Owners Policy (BOP), is a comprehensive insurance package designed to provide essential coverage for small to medium-sized businesses. These policies typically combine several types of insurance coverage, such as property, liability, and business interruption insurance, into a single, convenient policy. The goal is to provide business owners with a cost-effective and streamlined solution to their insurance needs.

Every business has assets that need protection. Commercial property insurance protects assets like inventory, furniture, and equipment from losses like fire, theft, and natural disasters.

To learn how to protect your business in South Carolina, contact us today at Integrated Insurance Advisors LLC. Our agents located in Boiling Springs, Chesnee, Inman and surrounding Spartanburg, SC areas can explain the different commercial insurance options for your business.

Commercial auto insurance is helpful when your company vehicle is involved in an accident, and the driver is found at fault. If the vehicle has caused damage or injuries to a third party, this type of insurance will help cover the repair costs and the medical expenses, hence protecting your business.

Workers compensation insurance is a valuable policy when you have employees. It helps cover the costs associated with a work-related injury. If your employee gets injured at work, this policy covers the medical expenses, funeral costs, etc.

You may find yourself in a situation where you are accountable for damages, or you may be sued, and you need to cover legal fees for an attorney. With a standard policy, it will cover those losses up to a certain point. Anything past your limit, you have to go back to your own funds. However, if you have an commercial umbrella policy, it helps cover the additional liability up to a higher defined limit. 

Professional liability insurance is designed to protect professionals from the financial consequences of their actions, including errors, omissions, and negligence. This type of insurance coverage is essential for professionals who provide advice or services to clients, as it can help safeguard your business and reputation in the event of a lawsuit.

When client information is compromised, the business has an obligation to notify clients and to begin rebuilding trust. Additionally, clients could take legal action due to their compromised information. All of this can lead to a financially devasting situation for the business, and that’s where cyber insurance coverage can help.

Inland marine insurance is designed to cover a wide range of movable property, including construction equipment, medical equipment, fine art, and even items being shipped. The primary goal of inland marine insurance is to protect your business from financial loss due to damage or theft of these valuable assets.

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