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Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance In SC

Classic car insurance will often seem unneeded for classic car owners within Boiling Springs, Chesnee, Inman or surrounding Spartanburg, SC areas, resulting in numerous drivers foregoing its purchase. While car valuation standards will be slightly different, this policy still offers similar benefits to traditional auto insurance. Suppose you are looking for insurance for your classic car. In that case, Integrated Insurance Advisors LLC can help with this, with the following detailing the various types of classic car coverage to expect.

Types of Coverage

Collision insurance covers any impact accidents that you may find yourself in. This includes crashes with other vehicles or objects on the road, such as posts. Collision coverage ensures that you get the proper compensation for repairing or replacing your vehicle, helping you take care of your damage expenses.

Comprehensive insurance protects your classic car from non-collision car accidents. These include instances when your vehicle gets damaged by fires, vandalism, theft, and hail. When any of these happen, comprehensive insurance will pay for your repair or replacement costs.

Liability insurance takes care of property damage liability and bodily injury liability. Bodily injury liability covers 3rd party hospital bills when you are found liable for an accident. Property damage liability will come in handy when other parties’ property gets destroyed. This coverage allows you to pay for the repair and replacement costs needed to fix items such as vehicles or buildings. Liability insurance also ensures that your legal fees are paid for when sued for the above claims.

If your vehicle gets damaged by a motorist who cannot pay for the total cost of your repairs, underinsured coverage will come in handy in offsetting your balance. Uninsured coverage will be essential when your classic car is damaged by uninsured drivers, allowing you to cover the needed repair or replacement costs.

Whether you need to keep your classic car safe from common South Carolina perils, or need to protect yourself from liability claims, Integrated Insurance Advisors LLC is here to help. Call us today for classic car insurance designed with your South Carolina drives in mind.

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