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Why should I increase my auto property coverage to $50,000 or more?

The average new car price is over $47,000 according to Car and Driver.  SC state minimum property coverage only requires $25,000 which could leave you responsible for the difference if you or your family are found at fault. 

The average price of a new car in the US reached a record high of $47,077 in December 2021, according to Kelley Blue Book[1]. This increase was due to the COVID-19 pandemic, supply-chain issues, chip shortages, and automakers focusing on higher-profit models[1]. Dealers also added “market adjustment” fees, and incentives hit a five-year low[1]. Despite high auto loan rates affecting some buyers, strong sales of expensive trucks pushed demand higher[2]. Used car prices dropped 8.8% in the past year, but experts anticipate better deals may be necessary to boost buyer demand and incentivize sales[2].

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