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Why Do I Need Umbrella Insurance?

Integrated Insurance Advisors Guide to Umbrella Policy

Personal Umbrella Insurance

What if a legal judgment or settlement exceeds the limits of your liability insurance? Umbrella insurance is what covers additional liability expenses where you could face a settlement or judgment that exceeds your standard liability limits. The independent insurance agents of Integrated Insurance Advisors LLC serving Boiling Springs, SC can help you find umbrella coverage.

While risk-avoidant behavior is good and protects you from a lot of legal and practical problems, you can’t go through life avoiding all risks. Risk is uncertainty, especially that which exposes you to either danger or the possibility of financial loss. Everyday activities include a certain level of risk from the very beginning. You might not think of having a house as a risky activity, but if someone breaks his leg on your sidewalk, you could be on the hook for a lawsuit.

Benefits of Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is a type of coverage – usually relatively inexpensive – that kicks in if you incur a more expensive liability than your maximum liability coverage under your homeowner’s insurance. With that simple additional step, you can sleep easily even if your insurance can’t cover a judgment against you.

Protect your kids, too

Because an umbrella policy covers not only you but also other members of your household, you’re protected if your children get in a car accident while driving to or from work or out with their friends as well. These benefits of umbrella insurance and more make it an excellent investment for parents.

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