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Frequently Asked Questions About Home Insurance

Integrated Insurance Advisors FAQ about Homeowners Policies

Home Insurance

Home insurance is a vitally important asset for homeowners in Boiling Springs, SC. If you are not covered, not covered enough, or even unsure about the level of coverage you have compared to your specific needs we will be happy to answer any questions you have at Integrated Insurance Advisors LLC. 

Common Questions About Home Insurance

  • Does the State of South Carolina require home insurance? No, the state does not require you to carry home insurance, nor are there requirements on a federal level if you own your home. However, if you have a mortgage your lender likely requires you to keep home insurance, to protect their money until the loan is satisfied. 
  • What is excluded from a home insurance policy? A home insurance policy is a great protection from many natural and unnatural disasters, however it should be known that flood coverage is an entirely different policy. Also, if you run a business from your home you may need to add commercial insurance. Ask about your specific needs when you call. 
  • What if I rent my home? You can protect yourself with renters insurance, which is similar to home insurance in some ways but protects your specific assets as a renter. 
  • What factors determine my home insurance coverage and price? The size of your home, what you do there (business, farming), and the location can all have an impact on your coverage and price. Contact an agent to learn more. 

If you have any more questions about home insurance we will be happy to discuss your specific needs. We serve Boiling Springs, SC and the surrounding areas at Integrated Insurance Advisors LLC, call today.