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Carrington Place Residents Can Save Money on Homeowners with their Updated Roofs

Roofs Between 3 and 10 years old Save on Home Insurance

The Hailstorm of 2020 was a terrible ordeal to go through and many homes required a new roof. But there may be a positive side to it. If you were one if these homes, you may qualify for money saving options on your home insurance premiums.  Insurance companies give good rates for roofs less than 10-years old and no claims in the last 3 years. The homes in Carrington Place are at a true advantage for saving money on Home Insurance.

Carrington Place, Boiling Springs, SC prefers Integrated Insurance Advisors to provide the best coverage and rates for home, auto and umbrella insurance.  New roofs, good credit and clean driving records save on insurance.

We make it a priority to help our neighbors in Boiling Springs and want them to be aware of the potential savings their young roof may bring to their insurance.  Many homes in Boiling Springs neighborhoods, like Carrington Place, have had the roofs replaced in the last 4-8 years, which gives them an advantage to save on home insurance. We’ve all heard the “bundle and save” advertisements and we want homeowners to know that the savings is true. The more you combine, the more insurance companies give discounts. This is true for home, auto, umbrella, jewelry, boats, and motorcycle policies.

Residents living on Dominion Way in Carrington Place neighborhood, Boiling Springs, SC can save on home and auto insurance.  Homeowners in Boiling Springs, SC can save on their home insurance when they combine newer roof, good credit and clean driving records.

The homeowners in Carrington Place, located in Boiling Springs, SC, enjoy beautiful, landscaped yards and well taken care of homes.  The pride the residents have for their homes carries over to their well-maintained cars, driving records, and credit scores. Insurance companies offer their best rates and coverage to people with these high qualities. The residents of Carrington Place should take advantage of their credibility by seeking out the best rates on home and auto insurance in Boiling Springs.

We often joke about the unpredictable weather we have here in Boiling Springs, SC, but the severe weather, hails storms, and high winds are no laughing matter. This is why insurance carriers prefer updated homes with roofs less than 10 years old and no claims in the last 36 months.  Updating roofs, heating, plumbing and wiring in your home can save money on insurance. If you have good credit and a great driving record, you may have the best insurance rate in the neighborhood.

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