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5 RV insurance add-ons

Integrated Insurance Advisors Guide to RV Insurance

Recreational Vehicle Insurance Options

Any recreational vehicle is unique. RV insurance should be just as customized.

Most RV insurance plans include similar features. While liability, collision, and comprehensive are all usually standard, these alone are rarely enough.

Fortunately, Integrated Insurance Advisors LLC can help. Serving the greater Boiling Springs, SC community, our agents can find a personalized plan that meets your needs. 

Here are five optional add-ons you should consider adding to any RV insurance:

Roadside assistance

Towing an RV isn’t as easy as pulling a traditional car. If a breakdown does occur, roadside assistance is a necessity. But this can also aid smaller issues, like fixing flats or unlocking doors.

Emergency expenses

If you do get stranded, costs can pile up quickly. These expenses could include hotels, meals, and additional travel. An emergency expenses policy can reimburse you for these items.

Storage coverage

You need 24/7 coverage. Even if your RV isn’t in use, ensure it’s protected while in storage. These safeguards are redundant for full-timers but can be invaluable for owners who only use their RVs for vacations.

Personal attachment protection

Personal property protection is typically included in most RV policies. These protect belongings inside the vehicle. However, personal attachment is much more concerned with what’s on the outside. This covers awnings, satellite dishes, and other external items.

Residential liability

This specialized liability accounts for incidents that occur while the RV is stopped or stationary. This kicks in if you are determined to be at fault.

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RV insurance should be as personal as your ride itself. Serving the greater Boiling Springs, SC community, our team knows the importance of finding the right plan for you. Schedule an appointment today.